It Pays to Hire A Certified and Affiliated HVAC Contractor in Barrie


Why It Pays to Hire A Certified and Affiliated HVAC Contractor in Barrie

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Every homeowner wants the best heating and air conditioning setup for their homes. Chances are you are reading this article because you want pristine indoor air quality or looking for a reliable heating and cooling service contractor in Barrie.

Whether you need heating and air conditioning solutions, or require ventilation upgrades, choosing an association-affiliated HVAC contractor can make all the difference

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why opting for an HVAC contractor that’s certified and associated with industry groups can be a game-changer for your home.

Choose Trained HVAC Contractors

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As a member of an HVAC association, HVAC contractors are often required to meet rigorous standards and continually update their knowledge and training. When you hire an association-affiliated contractor, you’re getting access to professionals who are on top of HVAC industry trends, technology, and best practices.

Dedicated and Top-Tier HVAC Service

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Memberships in esteemed HVAC associations signify a level of dedication that sets a contractor apart. Most HVAC associations will support members by equipping them with a wealth of resources and insights that they need to provide the best HVAC services to customers.

Expert and Licensed Contractors Provide The Best HVAC Service

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Association-affiliated HVAC companies often hold full licenses, as they need to adhere to industry regulations and safety standards. This means homeowners get peace of mind that the HVAC services they pay for are aligned with legal requirements.

The HVAC Association Advantage

In business, the associations, organizations, and memberships held by a company speak volumes about its standing. A trade association or licensing agent imposes high standards and stringent requirements for membership.

As an HVAC contractor, Custom Comfort ClimateCare has associations that we are particularly proud of. We are a member of:

  • The ClimateCare Co-operative. This 100 percent Canadian network of independent heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning contractors was established in 1992. Its members, who also own the co-operative, are committed to ongoing training and excellence among their technicians.
  • The Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce. The leading business organization in Barrie represents more than 1,200 businesses that employ more than 11,000 people who live in the Barrie area. Its mission is to encourage a positive local business environment.
  • The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada. The HRAI is an organization that promotes leadership and training in all aspects of the heating and air-conditioning industry. It stands for high principles in customer service and satisfaction. It employs customer feedback to guide its membership and strives for excellence in ethical business practices.
  • The Technical Standards and Safety Authority. The TSSA is a regulating authority dedicated to better safety practices and standards in all aspects of consumer affairs.
  • The Electrical Safety Authority. The ESA is responsible for licensing electrical contractors. The ESA works with partners to promote and pursue electrical safety in the industry for all consumers.

Hire A Local HVAC Company

The best HVAC technicians you can hire are the ones who work specifically in your area. These professionals have access to information that others may not have, as they are familiar with the specific energy costs in your area and can advise you on whether using gas, electric, or propane for your HVAC system will be more cost-effective or dependable. 

Custom Comfort ClimateCare has been serving Barrie and Simcoe County homeowners since 1988.

We work diligently to maintain the highest standards that an HVAC contractor can aspire to. Our associations, licensing agencies, and memberships speak to those standards. 

All our HVAC technicians are factory-trained and fully licensed. They have qualifications for the tasks they perform, and you can rest assured that they deliver excellent quality service and that your home HVAC system is in safe hands.

It can be challenging to understand whether you need a simple AC repair service or you need to purchase and install a brand-new air conditioning unit. Our cooling experts at Custom Comfort ClimateCare are here to help you every step of the way.

As a full-service HVAC company in Barrie, Custom Comfort ClimateCare offers the following services:

We also offer 24/7 emergency HVAC services in Barrie, as well as preventive maintenance on HVAC systems of all types.

When it comes to quality, we also have to live up to the standards of our associations and those we set for ourselves. That is our goal every day.


Whether you need furnace installation services, better indoor air quality, or ongoing air conditioner or furnace maintenance, choose a local HVAC contractor who is associated with reputable groups. They can guide you in selecting and installing home heating and cooling solutions for your Barrie home.

When you want top quality in an HVAC contractor, contact the professionals at Custom Comfort ClimateCare. Our pursuit of excellence is never forgotten. 

Call us at (705) 722-5909 and we’ll answer any questions about your home comfort.


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