Why Has Your Gas Furnace, Boiler or Fireplace Been “Red Tagged”?

If a licensed gas technician sees a furnace, boiler, fireplace, hot water tank or other gas appliance he deems unsafe or potentially unsafe he is required by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (T.S.S.A.) to “red tag” the appliance.

The tag shown is provided by the T.S.S.A and is very common, but it does not have to be used. Any document which provides the same information is O.K.

The reason for the tag could be with the appliance itself, the venting (chimney), the gas piping or the electrical wiring. Anything that is deemed unsafe or dangerous or potentially so is a valid reason for the tag. Thus any part of the system which contravenes the gas code can be cause for a red tag.

There are two different types of red tag that can be issued:
In both situations the utility supplying the fuel must be notified of the red tag. When the required work has been completed a licensed technician must complete the tag, sign it and notify the utility that the tag has been cleared.

If the utility is not notified of completion within the required time they will start procedures to shut off and lock the gas metre.

Unfortunately it is not unheard of for unscrupulous operators to red tag a furnace in order to try to sell you a new one.

If you have any reason to suspect your appliance has been improperly red tagged we would be pleased to complete a FREE INSPECTION to give you an honest second opinion. If we find no problem is present, we will remove the tag and notify the utility it has been cleared.
If we agree the unit has been properly red tagged, we will provide you with options and a free quote to remedy the situation.
In any case, there will be no cost to you for the inspection.

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