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There is no way to express enough, the importance of scheduling your Heating, Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality, and Water Heater Services in the Barrie area with a licensed technician. In doing so, you take the first steps towards ensuring that you are able to live in comfort and convenience all year long. We believe that our clients should be completely comfortable in their homes whether it is the coldest night of winter or hottest of day of summer. For all of your heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality and water heater service needs contact us - the heating and cooling professionals who care.

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Custom Comfort ClimateCare provides heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and water heater services in Barrie and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Serving Barrie and Simcoe County since 1988

Heating Services

When you live in as cold a climate as we do, you really need to know that your home heating system is capable of warming your home in an effective manner. Of course, an effective heater is no good if you cannot afford to run it as much as you'd like to. That is why it is also so important to ensure that you have the most efficient heating system that you can afford in your home. Not only will our technicians ensure that your heater in Barrie is installed properly, but we can also provide you with the routine maintenance and necessary repairs required to help you get the most from your system.

Air Conditioning Services

As much as we may love the warm, sunny weather that summer brings our way, the fact of the matter is that the heat of summer can get quite uncomfortable. In order to cool your home as well as you'd like to, you must choose your air conditioner wisely. There are a number of different systems to choose from, after all. Keep in mind, though, that they all share one thing in common: all must be installed and serviced exclusively by trained technicians.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Don't discover the hard way just how vital great indoor air quality is to your comfort and even your health. Too many homeowners assume that a good HVAC system is all that is necessary in order to keep their homes comfortable throughout the year. However, the quality of the air in your home is just as important as the temperature of that air. With the right systems in place, installed and serviced by our IAQ specialists, you can count on enjoying good air quality in your home.

Water Heater Services

Few appliances are as vital to our day-to-day lives as the water heater. When you take a shower, run your dishwasher, or do the laundry, you are counting on your water heater in order to supply you with a sufficient amount of hot water for doing so. Give us a call today if you are ready to schedule a water heater installation, or if your existing water heater requires any repair and/or maintenance services. No matter what type of water heater you may use, or what type of service it may require, you can expect nothing shy of truly exceptional workmanship when you hire our technicians.

What Our Clients Say

I was referred to Rod from Custom Comfort by another contractor in Beaverton, ON. First off let me explain the situation, they have looked after our Home and Kennel in Shanty Bay, ON and our Business in Barrie, ON. Our first dealing with Custom Comfort was for the AC unit in our Kennel in Shanty Bay. Rod came to the site personally and advised us what we needed and recommended what we should have. The ladies in the office Helen and Tammy-Ann were very polite, courteous and helpful in setting up the appointment for the install with the times and date. The 2 Technicians who arrived on site were very professional, accommodating and did an excellent job in putting in the system exactly where I wanted it. When the job was completed they left the Kennel so spotless you would never have known they were there. The 2nd job was for our Business in Barrie; our computer room had a very expensive climate inverter installed by a competitor, having said that I was not very impressed when we had issues. When I spoke to Rod at custom Comfort he was on it immediately and sent Technicians to our site in Barrie because it was urgent and our servers were heating up and beginning to fail. His team has been relentless in making this issue a non issue. Our 3rd dealing was for our Geo Thermal System in Shanty Bay. The system is 24 years old and was intermittent in operating last weekend so I figured that it was at the end of life but to my surprise when the technician arrived on site he immediately took control of the situation and was very professional, informative and explained everything in detail so I could understand what was happening. He resolved the issue and will now attend annually to service our Geo Thermal System. Overall I would have to say my experience with Custom Comfort Climate Care has been absolutely 100 % POSITIVE. And I want to make it clear that this is an UNSOLICITED testimonial. Too often people are quick to comment on the negative. This is not the case here. I would very highly recommend Rod and his team of professionals for any issues with Heating and Cooling. Thanks again.

- E.G. - Barrie, ON

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