Signs That You May Need to Replace a Water Heater

Here are a few of the indications that your aging water heater is past its prime and probably needs a replacement:

  • Decline in hot water volume: If you are not receiving as much hot water from your water heater as your used to-and people in your home are starting to go with lukewarm showers in the morning and grumble about it-then the system has probably declined to the point where replacing it is the wisest choice.
  • Corrosion: Water heaters are designed to resist corrosion, but it will take hold if given enough time. When visible rust starts to appear on a water heater, it is usually beyond the help of repair work.
  • High energy bills: An old water heater will start to struggle to effectively transfer heat from its energy source to water. When you see that your energy bills are beginning to rise, the fault may lie in your old water heater. Consult with a water heater professional to see if replacing the old system is the best choice.

Options for Water Heater Replacement

Think of replacing a water heater as a chance to start over with a more advanced system that offers new benefits. If your current water heater is a standard storage tank model, why not consider installing a tankless system that will help you conserve energy while providing an unlimited water supply to the household? If your old water heater runs on electricity, you could replace it with a heat pump water heater that uses the ambient heat in the air to warm up water; this is also a great way to save money. Ask your technician about some of the possibilities when it comes to putting in a replacement water heater.

We Offer Water Heater Replacement Service in Barrie

You should never try to replace an old water heater on your own. It's too large a job for amateur work. And if you are dealing with a gas-powered water heater, it is too dangerous for anyone but professionals to replace it. Let the experienced team at Custom Comfort ClimateCare in Barrie see that you have a fast, safe, and effective water heater replacement.