The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Although water heaters do not contain the same amount of moving mechanical parts as other systems in your home (such as the air conditioner), they are in danger of suffering from wear because of the constant contact between metal and water. This can lead to corrosion, which usually requires that the water heater be replaced. Although water heaters are built to resist corrosion, only routine maintenance will see that they can keep this problem away for as long as possible.

Another point of concern for water heaters that use any sort of storage tank is the development of sediment. An important part of maintenance is the water heater flush to clean out the buildup of sediment, plus the necessary water heater cleaning to remove other accumulations. Tank flushing isn't necessary for every maintenance visit, but any water heater will need to have it done a few times during its service life. Otherwise, the accrual of sediment along the tank bottom will block the proper transfer of heat to the water and may reduce the available volume to the point where the tank overheats.

If your water heater operates from gas-power, maintenance will also take care to see that the gas jets and gas line are in good shape. Natural gas can pose safety hazards without inspections from professionals done on a routine basis, so make sure that your gas water heater never goes with its annual maintenance visit.

Call Us to Arrange for Water Heater Maintenance

Waking up in the morning to find that only cold water comes from your shower is the sort of surprise you never want to encounter. Although there are never any guarantees that something like this won't happen, you can reduce the chances to almost nothing thanks to water heater maintenance from the team at Custom Comfort ClimateCare. Our maintenance services will not only prevent breakdowns and fend off unnecessary repairs, they will also help keep down expenses. A well-maintained water heater is also an energy-efficient water heater. Call us today in Barrie to get started with this vital annual precaution.