Why Is Sizing Important?

Whether you are installing a storage tank or tankless hot water heater, proper sizing is critical to ensuring that your new hot water heater meets all of your home's needs. Each type (tank and tankless) uses a different method for sizing, and your Custom Comfort ClimateCare expert will know this. Here is a basic overview of how each type of water heater is sized for your home in Barrie:

Storage Tank Sizing

The key to properly sizing a tank water heater lies in the maximum amount of gallons your household will use. To determine this, your technician will calculate your peak hour usage. Peak hour usage is how many gallons your home uses during its busiest water usage times. Typically this is in the mornings, when people are showering and getting ready for the day. Once this calculation is completed, your specialist will have the information necessary to size your storage water heater properly.

Tankless Sizing

With tankless systems working on-demand, it's necessary to calculate size using two key factors: water temperature rise and flow rate. Water temperature rise refers to the temperature at which you would like your hot water to be. Then your technician will assess the temperature of the cold water coming into your home, which is always going to be less. The technician will then subtract the temperature of your ground water from the temperature you'd like your hot water to be; the result of this calculation is temperature rise.

The second factor needed in tankless sizing is flow rate. Flow rate describes the maximum gallons needed to run the water–based devices in your home; it is a rate similar to peak hour usage. Once this number is ascertained, the technician will use this number and the temperature rise number to find the right-sized tankless system for your home.

We Offer Water Heater Installation and Service in BarriE

Every home needs the right amount of hot water to operate; otherwise, you may be caught short all the time. When you work with an expert at Custom Comfort ClimateCare, you won't have to worry about installing a hot water heater that isn't the right size for your home. Ready for a new water heater? Call us today and schedule an appointment for our water heater installation service in Barrie.