How Does a Whole Home Humidifier Add Moisture to the Air?

A whole–home humidifier is considered an upgrade to your HVAC system because it integrates with the system and becomes part of it. The way the humidifier adds water to the air is fairly straightforward: first, your thermostat will be upgraded to include a humidistat so that you can program what percentage you want your indoor humidity to be. Comfortable, healthy humidity typically ranges from 30—60%. Then the device will be installed and connected to your home's plumbing via a small pipe so that the humidifier has access to the water it needs to add moisture to your indoor air. Once the connection to your plumbing is made and your new thermostat is connected to your HVAC system, you can enjoy the comfort of moisture–balanced air for years to come.

We Offer Whole Home Humidifier Installation and Service in Barrie

Low humidity in your home can be a serious problem for your property and you and your family's health. Let our experts help you regain better humidity levels in your Barrie, home with the installation of a whole–house humidifier. Already use one? You'll need to have reliable, dependable help for service and maintenance so that you can keep you indoors comfortable and our experts can help with these needs. Call us today!