How a Heat Recovery Ventilator Works

A heat recovery ventilator is a device that draws currents of outside air and inside air into it, and then uses one current to heat the other. This pre–cools or pre–heats the fresh outdoor before it reaches the comfort system, depending on the outdoor temperature.

For example, during a chilly winter day an HRV draws fresh but cold air from the outside. It also pulls in stale warm air from the indoors. The two currents move through each other within the HRV, and the hot air transfers most of its thermal energy to the cold air. The incoming fresh air is now much warmer, so that when it reaches the heating system, the heater will expend much less energy to warm it. The fresh air enters the house, and the stale air is exhausted to the outside. During the summer, the process works the same way, except the hot outside air loses heat to the cool indoor air.

The Benefits of an HRV System

The principle advantage of using an HRV system is that it brings fresh air into a home without having a large negative effect on the performance of either the AC or heater. The heat recovery ventilator retrieves (or recovers) about 80% of the heat it would normally lose because of outside exposure. You receive fresh, clean air but you won't end up needing to pay enormously higher energy bills because of it. Heat recovery ventilators are particularly well–suited to colder climates.

We Also Install and Service Energy Recovery Ventilators

A similar installation to consider is an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). These devices work in almost the same fashion as heat recovery ventilators, but with the exception that they also transfer moisture between the two currents of air, which allows for better humidity balance. ERVs are usually more suitable for warmer climates. Ask a professional which of the two is the more ideal for your home's needs.

Interested in having a heat recovery ventilator installed? Then give our team a call today. We are also available whenever you require service for an existing HRV or ERV. Let us help your home in Barrie, to enjoy greater comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year.