How Air Filtration Provides Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air filters, also known as mechanical air filters, work on a very basic principle: a dense mesh of fibers, usually fiberglass, traps the larger particles in the air that tries to move through it. Depending on the denseness of the weave, air filters can stop different sizes of pollutants. If a filter is correctly matched to an HVAC system, it can remove more than 98% of air contamination without having an adverse effect on airflow.

Choosing Air Filters for Your Home

How can pick the air filtration system that will do the job necessary? It's easy: you contact indoor air quality professionals to make the choice and then install the filters. A skilled IAQ technician will determine what types of pollutants are negatively affecting your air, and then supply a filter that will stop them.

Air filters come with an effectiveness rating, MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The higher the MERV for a filter, the smaller the particles it traps. However, you cannot simply pick the highest MERV–rated filter and be content with that. The denser the weave, the more it will resist airflow from the HVAC system, leading to severe strain on the system, higher energy bills, and ineffective heating and cooling. It is best to leave the choice of filters to the installer so that you have the ideal match that will clean your air without hampering airflow.

Contact Us for Service for Air Filtration Systems in Barrie

Air filtration systems are not your only choice when it comes to improving indoor air quality. Often, a combination of filters with electronic UV air purifiers will do a more thorough job. However, air filters remain one of the most cost–effective options available for a home: they use up no energy and are easy to maintain and have replaced.

If you think that your home will benefit from an air filtration system, call Custom Comfort ClimateCare. We offer an immense range of indoor air quality solutions in Barrie, ON, including many types of air filters. We will see that you have the filters that will do the job.