What Is a Hydronic Heating System?

As you may have deduced from the terminology, hydronic heating uses heated water—or an alternative heating fluid—in order to heat a home. There are a few ways in which this may be accomplished. A boiler will heat the water in the system, and this heated water will travel throughout your home, warming it along the way. The cycle is simply repeated until the desired temperature is met.

Distribution methods in hydronic heaters can vary, with some homeowners still using old steam or hot water radiators in order to deliver heat to the rooms in which they are installed. Hydronic baseboards, running across the bottom of the walls of the house, may also be used. Generally speaking, though, those distribution methods are often eschewed in this day and age, with hydronic radiant floors being the preferred method of hydronic heating. In such systems, hydronic tubing is installed beneath the floors of the house. Hot water is circulated throughout, and the heat from that water radiates from the floors. Contact us to discuss your hydronic heating options.

We Install and Service Hydronic Heating Systems in Barrie

The benefits of hydronic heaters are many. You don't have to worry about leaky ductwork wasting energy in your home, nor will the air forced from such ducts kick up pollutants throughout the house when you use a hydronic heater. This can help to maintain great indoor air quality in your home. Plus, radiant systems are easily zoned, helping you to take control over the way in which you heat your home, and they distribute heat very evenly.

Even with all of these benefits to offer, though, hydronic heaters can leave a lot to be desired if not expertly installed and serviced. You need to know that your system is of the right size for your home and its heating needs, and that it is integrated successfully. You don't need us to tell you that water leaking beneath your floorboards can be a serious problem. Not only will our team at Custom Comfort ClimateCare install your hydronic heating system properly, but we also offer hydronic heating repair and maintenance services to ensure that you continue to get the very best that your system has to offer. Call for more details.