What Is a Heat Pump?

An air-source heat pump shares much in common with a traditional central air conditioning split system. During the summer season, air is drawn into the system from throughout your home. Heat is absorbed from this air by refrigerant in the system, and the cooled air is redistributed throughout the house. The heat is simply exhausted outside. It is during the winter months when the advantages of the heat pump really come into play.

A component called a reversing valve allows your heat pump to reverse the direction of the flow of refrigerant. Rather than removing heat from the air in your home, a heat pump in its heating mode absorbs heat from the air outside, further compresses the warm refrigerant, and uses this thermal energy to heat air for distribution throughout the house. It should be noted, though, that heat pumps can be overwhelmed in extremely cold conditions. In such instances, it may be beneficial to have a backup heat source in place.

We Install and Service Heat Pumps in Barrie

For all of the potential benefits inherent to the design and operation of a heat pump, you must keep in mind the fact that no system will ever live up to its full potential if you fail to schedule its installation with a qualified party. The good news is that with our professional service, we guarantee that your heat pump will be expertly installed. Our technicians will size your system according to your needs and complete every step of the installation process with the utmost care.

Another important measure to take is scheduling routine heat pump maintenance with a member of our staff. Your system will be in use throughout the entire year, and that means that it will face a lot of strain throughout the heating and cooling seasons. Allow us to inspect and tune up your system as necessary so that it continues to satisfy your comfort needs. Custom Comfort ClimateCare can also handle any heat pump repair services that you may require over time, so call today to work with a trusted service company.