In need of fireplace repair or service?

The fireplace is a sturdy unit. Whether yours is an insert that runs on gas or the brick and mortar type, it is designed to last for years and years without too much fuss. While it's important to hire a pro to install and service your fireplace, it's equally critical that you take care of any issues that may arise. Let's take a look at a handful:

  • Odd sounds: One common issue with gas fireplace inserts is an odd sound, which typically stems from a dirty burner. Keeping your burner cleans ensures that your fireplace works correctly, of course, but it also ensures that you get the most heat from the fuel it consumes.
  • Burner won't ignite: Another issue with gas fireplaces is related to a lack of ignition. The cause of this issue can vary from a lack of fuel to a problematic pilot light, but it is a serious problem that can prove hazardous to your home.
  • Brick and mortar damage: Some brick and mortar fireplaces, will suffer wear and tear over time. If you notice cracking or a lack of mortar between any bricks, then it may be time to consider fireplace repair.

Hire a Pro for Your Fireplace Repair

It's always best to let a pro handle any issues that arise with your fireplace. We can make certain that your fireplace repairs are not only completed in a swift manner, but also that they are done correctly. While it may seem as though you can tackle this issue by yourself, doing so may put you in harm's way and could also lead to further damage. What's more, you may not even resolve the issue!

Get in touch with our team today for all of your fireplace repair needs in Barrie. We can make certain that your fireplace is handled carefully and that a viable solution is found that will last. Our fireplace specialists have experience diagnosing a variety of issues with gas fireplaces. Call today to schedule an appointment.