Why Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your Home?

Some homeowners may have purchased their house with a fireplace already installed, while others may choose to add one after they move in. There are many reasons for using a fireplace in the home. Consider the following:

  • Comforting Environment: Perfect for relaxation after a cold winter's day.
  • Natural Heat Source: It doesn't get much more natural and aesthetically-pleasing than the warmth of a gas fireplace.
  • Great Heating Supplement: You don't necessarily have to use your fireplace as your primary heat source. Supplement your furnace or boiler by using your fireplace.
Fireplace Cleaning

A clean fireplace is necessary if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Don't let thick, black smoke and subpar ventilation inhibit your enjoyment of your fireplace or put your safety at risk. Instead, schedule professional cleaning with a member of our staff.

Fireplace Inspection

Combusting a fuel source of any type has the potential to be dangerous. To ensure that your fireplace is structurally sound and that it is safe to operate, you must have it inspected on a regular basis. Before feeding the fire for the first time when the crisp fall air sets in, give us a call to schedule your professional inspection.

Fireplace Installation

Installing a fireplace can be a tricky job. Don't compromise the integrity of your home or risk sub-par performance by trusting a nonprofessional to install your fireplace. We'll make sure that your installation meets local codes and that you are able to maintain a reliable, comforting fire in your home.

Fireplace Repair

Does your fireplace look like it is cracking or sagging in any spots? Are you concerned that it is not venting properly, or that weather has damaged it in any way? Whatever concerns you may have, you are wise to schedule professional repair with a licensed technician immediately. The longer you wait to do so, the greater the risks associated with your system.

Fireplace Replacement

Sometimes you just have to start with a clean slate. If your fireplace is not up to your high standards, just give Custom Comfort ClimateCare a call. We will discuss your replacement options, and we'll ensure your 100% satisfaction with your new fireplace.