What Is Electric Storage Heating?

Electricity is an invaluable resource. It is also a bit more expensive than other heating fuels, such as natural gas or liquid propane. However, its immediate availability in just about every home can make it a difficult option to pass over when heating one's home. By opting for electric storage heating in your home, you can use the electricity that you need to keep it warm without draining your budget in doing so.

An electric storage heater, as the name suggests, is an electric heater capable of storing thermal energy. New homeowners may not realise this, but electricity prices fluctuate throughout the day. During peak hours, such as cold winter afternoons when families throughout the area are running their heaters, electricity comes at a higher cost than in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep and less electricity is in use. By drawing electricity at off–peak hours, when it is more affordable, and storing that thermal energy in ceramic bricks for use throughout the following day, an electric storage heater makes it possible to use electricity for residential heating in a more efficient manner.

We Install and Service Electric Storage Heaters in Barrie

With energy costs and the nature of our winter weather being what they are, it only makes sense to take steps towards a more efficient heating performance. The first step you must take, should you decide that electric storage heating is right for you, is to schedule your electric storage heater installation with a trained professional. This will ensure that your system is in proper working order, that it is integrated into your home successfully, and that it is the right size to meet your heating demands.

Furthermore, you must schedule routine maintenance service if you hope to keep your electric storage heater in fine working condition. General wear and tear cannot be completely avoided, of course, and occasional repairs will still be necessary. By giving the technicians at Custom Comfort ClimateCare the opportunity to regularly inspect and tune up your system, though, you can ensure that your system remains in peak operating condition. Give us a call today if you have any electric storage heating service needs in Barrie.