Familiarize Yourself with the Available Systems

Different homes have different heating needs. When you work with us, you'll have the resources that you need to choose the right heating system for your needs. Contact us today to further discuss available systems.

Schedule Professional Heating Services

It doesn't matter if you have a gas boiler or an electric furnace; any and all heating systems require the level of service quality that only trained professionals can offer. Don't risk a sub-par operation from your home heating system, or your own comfort, by attempting to service the system on your own. Instead, schedule all of your services with the technicians on our staff.

Make Us Your Heating Contractors of Choice in the Barrie region

There are a lot of heating contractors out here in the Barrie, ON area, but few can boast the level of expertise and years of experience that we have to offer. Not only do we hold a number of different certifications and awards, but our company has been locally owned and operated for nearly three decades. We believe in providing our valued community with the best service possible, and that is just what we do each and every day.


Boilers heat water and use that heated water, or steam, in order to heat homes. This is one of the most effective and reliable ways of doing so. We install and service gas boilers from some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Ductless Heating

If you want to heat your home using forced air but you do not have the space for the necessary ductwork or don't wish to use ductwork, then we have good news for you: ductwork is not necessary. You can opt instead for ductless heating. This allows for the quick comfort of forced heated air, without the risk of energy loss via air leaks that ducted systems are subject to.

Electric Storage Heating

If you are not familiar with electric storage heating, then you are missing out on a very useful technology. Electric storage heaters store thermal energy during the evening and at night, when rates are lower. Contact us if you are interested in making use of an electric storage heater in your home.


Using a fireplace in your home allows for as much relaxation and ambience as it does heating output. Fireplaces also require a bit of upkeep and maintenance, though. Fortunately for you, we offer every fireplace service that you could possibly need in order to get the most from your fireplace.


Immensely popular among homeowners, furnaces can make use of a number of different fuels and are capable of heating most homes quite efficiently. Like all other whole-house heating systems, it is necessary that your furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services are completed by trained professionals.

Geothermal Heating

Why not make use of the heat beneath the earth's surface when warming your home? This is precisely what geothermal heating makes possible. Heat is absorbed from the ground on your property, and then in turn is used to efficiently heat your living space.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work according to the same heat transfer method as geothermal systems. However, air-source heat pumps use ambient heat in the air in order to heat homes, rather than that stored beneath the ground. You can count on us to help you find the perfect heat pump for your needs.

Heating Repair

A damaged heater can be very inefficient, unreliable, and unsafe. We believe that you deserve better than that, but the first step is yours to take. Make sure that you contact a member of our staff the moment that you believe your system is in need of professional heating repair.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating systems make use of heated water in heating a home. A boiler heats the water, and this hot water is then delivered throughout the household via a system of tubing throughout. Hydronic heating is held in high regard for its even and efficient heating output.


No matter how great your heating system is, it is only as good as the thermostat which regulates its operation. There are more thermostats available on the market today than you may realise, and choosing the right one for your unique needs and user preferences is a must. Speak with us if you need help in determining which thermostat is the best fit for your heating habits.

Zone Control System

You can take greater control than ever before over the way in which you heat your home by utilizing zone control. With a system in place, you can maintain different temperatures in different areas, or zones, of your home. Give Custom Comfort ClimateCare a call to discuss available zone control systems further.