What Is a Zone Control System?

Simple in theory but relatively complex in its execution, a zone control system is made up of multiple thermostats, a central control panel, and electronic dampers that are installed directly into the ductwork of a forced–air distribution system. The thermostats are wired into the control panel, and the dampers are as well. The thermostats are installed in different areas, or zones, of the house, and are operated independently of one another. This allows you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home, as the dampers will respond to those settings and direct airflow as needed.

Benefits of Using a Zone Control System

There are a few ways in which a zone control system can benefit homeowners. First of all, heating and cooling only those areas of your home that you wish to, when you wish to, is an effective way to reduce the amount of energy that you use to keep your home comfortable. This can help to cut down on utility costs.

Additionally, you won't have to listen to different family members disagree over the most appropriate temperature setting. Different people are comfortable at different temperatures, and a zone control system allows for the accommodation of individuals' preferences. Finally, reducing the demand on your HVAC system by using a zone control system is a great way in which to protect the condition of your heating and cooling equipment. Call our staff to learn more.

We Install and Service Zone Control Systems in Barrie

Your air ducts are likely not easily accessible, and the installation of thermostats is trickier than you may think. When you also consider the complexity of wiring your thermostats and dampers into the control panel of your zone control system, it should become quite evident just how important it is that you schedule your zone control system services with trained professionals. Just dial our number to do so. From new installations to repairs, Custom Comfort ClimateCare is here to provide you with the outstanding zone control system services you demand.