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Gas Line and Gas BBQ Services in Barrie by Custom Comfort ClimateCare

Natural Gas BBQ GrillOn a hot summer day, the last thing you want to do is turn on the stove. It is more convenient to take your meal outdoors when you have a BBQ. 

If you are currently using a charcoal barbeque or propane barbeque consider the option of a natural gas barbeque.

Natural Gas Barbeques are extremely convenient.  It is easier to entertain family and friends with a natural gas bbq because you are able to cook with a constant and even supply of heat.  Nothing says inconvenient like running out of propane or needing to change your charcoal half way through the cooking process.

Natural gas barbeques save you money!  At only a fraction of what it costs in propane, it is worth changing over to a natural gas bbq just in the savings alone not to mention, you’ll be increasing the value of your home by doing so.

Who says the BBQ season needs to end just because the summer days do?  By having a natural gas barbeque, you are able to cook all year long.  If you are faced with a power outage, you can still prepare meals on your natural gas bbq saving you time and money by not having to eat out.

Last but not least, a natural gas barbeque reduces your carbon footprint.  Simply put, it is more environmentally friendly compared to the use of propane.

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You’ve Decided on a Natural Gas Barbeque. What Are the Next Steps?

The next step when it comes to hooking up a natural gas bbq is the installation of a gas line. This can only be done by a licensed gas technician. Gas can be extremely dangerous when tampered with which is why it is important to have a licensed gas technician install your gas line for you. The last thing you’d want is a gas leak. The cost to install a gas line is minimal when compared to the value of your family’s safety which is after all priceless.

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As a family owned and operated company for over 27 years, Custom Comfort ClimateCare puts your family’s safety first.  Our licensed gas technicians provide the following services:

  • Gas Line Installation
  • Gas Stove Hook Up
  • Gas BBQ Hook Up
  • Propane to Gas Conversions
  • Gas disconnects

Call us today to book your gas line installation and/or natural gas barbeque hook up in the Barrie area.