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Electric Furnace Services in Barrie by Custom Comfort ClimateCare

Whether you don’t have access to natural gas or don’t want to use it in your home, an electric furnace makes for a great alternative. Today’s models are far more energy-efficient than those built even just a few years ago, and the technology continues to improve. We offer comprehensive electric furnace services throughout the Barrie area, including all aspects of electric furnace installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. We can make certain that your furnace operates to the best of its ability so that you and your family stay warm all winter long. So whether you’re in the market for a new model, or your existing one fails to operate, you can reach out to our team. Call Custom Comfort ClimateCare today!

Custom Comfort ClimateCare provides quality electric furnace services in Barrie and the surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Is an Electric Furnace Right for Me?

Natural gas is a great resource for many homeowners in the area, whether they’re looking to heat their homes or cook a meal. But for those unwilling to have natural gas in the home or who simply don’t have access to it, an electric furnace makes for a great alternative. We install and service electric furnaces that are built to last by leading brands in the industry, and we can find one that exactly matches your home heating needs. This type of system pairs nicely with a central air unit in that both require the use of air ducts for the distribution of heated and cooled air.

Our Professional Electric Furnace Installation in Barrie

If you want a job done right, you’ll have to hire an expert for the job. We offer outstanding electric furnace installation services throughout Barrie and are glad to do the work for you. We will meet with you to discuss your heating preferences and help you make an informed decision regarding the new system. One of the most important aspects of this process is what’s known as a heat load calculation. Our technicians will evaluate your household so that we can match the heating output of your new system to your living space. This is the only way to ensure that your new electric furnace operates just as it ought to.

We Repair and Maintain Electric Furnaces

If you want to make certain that your electric furnace is in good shape for its service life, then you’ll need to do more than just have it professionally sized and installed. You’ll also need to make sure that it is routinely maintained from time to time. This service will ensure that your electric furnace is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tuned–up to ensure adequate efficiency and performance. Our technicians are also here to make sure that if your furnace breaks down, you will have a solution in no time. Keep an eye out for signs that your furnace is malfunctioning, such as inconsistent heat distribution, loud or strange noises, and exorbitantly high utility bills.

Contact our team today for all of your electric furnace needs in Barrie. We’re more than happy to make sure that you have exactly what you need and nothing less.